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Updated: Jun 28

Since being attuned to Level One & Two of traditional Usui Reiki in 2005, I admit I was a little resistant to being guided strongly by my Reiki Guides to train as a Master 6 years later. I had never felt the urge to teach Reiki and was busy with other modalities….but my Reiki guides were insistent. Reiki means 'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy', and is a deeply relaxing and healing energy technique for restoring health to the mind/body/spirit system.


So no-one was more surprised than I, after the training, when students began to call and my classes began to blossom. After all, my main healing modality up until then had been a bit of Reiki but with Healing Sound and Natural Voice practices at the forefront. As time went on I came to love teaching Usui Reiki but I still felt that I was missing something both personally and professionally.


In my own healing journey and at 46 years old,  I was struggling a bit in my life and just had the feeling that I was somehow just ‘circling the drain’ with my childhood trauma and not really healing it as I would have liked. I began to be aware of the ‘inner fraud’ archetype that comes knocking when we share something with others that doesn’t fully seem to be fully working for us. It was not a very comfortable place to be, and it made me feel out of integrity somehow.


Then in late 2014 I started having the call to take my Karuna Master training, and started looking for teachers in my area (this was long before online Zoom classes!). Perusing the ICRT website, I read about the Holy Fire Reiki™ and the story of how William Rand had connected with this powerful, loving energy and was bringing it through in his trainings. We would still be working with the traditional Usui Reiki symbols, but a higher frequency of the energy wished to come through. Suddenly, it was as if Spirit/God picked me up by the seat of my pants and was telling me I had to find a Holy Fire/Karuna™ Master as soon as possible!! Like, yesterday would not be soon enough!

(Karuna is the level above Advanced/Master, for clarity, but one can receive Holy Fire

Reiki ™ very powerfully at Advanced/Master Level too.)


On the website I found my first Holy Fire Karuna™ Master local to me, and called to leave a message about wanting to train with her. Later she told me she was actually still in the UK taking her Holy Fire Karuna™ Master training – the ICRT had added her to their list once she had registered! Today, she laughingly jokes that I stalked her into sharing her first Holy Fire Karuna™ Master Reiki Training, which helped her with her teaching!


In the same way that there was a ‘before and after Reiki’ moment in my life, the same can be said about Holy Fire Reiki™ – there was a before and after. I took the training in 2015, and right away one of the Holy Love Journeys indicated that I would be working on healing the divine masculine in my life, as I had been working on healing the divine feminine for many years now. The Holy Love Experiences and Ignitions were explicit, clear and detailed, and Jesus showed up in the first one and took me to a river and baptized me (I am not and have never been an official ‘Christian’, but have always called in the Christ Light for support and guidance) and asked me to let Him into my heart. In this way, he said, I would begin to heal the wounded masculine in myself. I cried like a baby as there was so much unconditional love available to me, right from the get-go with this upgraded Reiki energy. Jesus told me he was one of the Brothers & Sisters of Light, who are from many different spiritual traditions, and are here to help humanity and the Earth evolve at this transformational time.


Very soon afterwards, I prayed to the Holy Fire Reiki™ and Reiki Guides to support me with a general feeling of ‘not being good enough’ in my life, and some issues in my marriage. Even though I had great feedback from my classes and the other events I led, inside I still felt unworthy somehow, and it didn’t feel good to me. I prayed for support and help with all this, and my prayers were answered. This was the first of many occasions I prayed to the Holy Fire Reiki™ and Guides to help me, and I have never been disappointed, even if help comes in unexpected ways.


I was guided to a female therapist who had a beautiful and tangible way of working with her clients’ ‘inner children’. She encouraged me to create an altar space with photos and symbolic objects that would speak to my ‘inner girls’, then encouraged me to begin to communicate with them through writing and just being with them at the altar. Then after that daily time I would close down the altar by blowing out a candle I had lit, and letting them know I would be back tomorrow.


In this way, it was less likely that their distress would ‘bleed’ into everyday adult life, and if I got triggered into my girl’s energy I could take that to the altar and find out how old I was and what was coming up for healing by feeling/leaning more into the energy.  And the Holy Fire Reiki™ Guides would hold me  safely in that process. This was all a total revelation to me – that all the uncomfortable feelings I had experienced as an adult - states of depression, lethargy, ennui, rages, despair, even suicidal feelings at times – were messages from my inner children trying to let me know how it had felt back then in my childhood…..and that they were ready to communicate and help me re-integrate these fragmented pieces back into my psyche. In the process I was building more ‘grown-up’ to help support them. The more grown-up I felt, the more compassion and love I felt for myself and the younger parts of me that were struggling to be heard and felt.


And the more I integrated these aspects of self, the better my life became. My marriage improved hugely, with so much love and acceptance available there; my work-life blossomed, and I actually began to feel a deep sense of worth and self-acceptance. I judged myself and others much less, felt greater feelings of inner peace; less anxiety; stressed less about stuff; and felt joyful and upbeat. And when I did get triggered, I could take it to my altar and feel into what was up!

I share all this because I absolutely know it was the Holy Fire Reiki™ Guides who led me to this particular therapist. I also know very well that without the loving, safe, supportive energy of Holy Fire Reiki™, I would not have been able to take my healing journey to this next level. And by doing so, I was also creating an energetic field for my clients with their trauma and challenges, to come and heal in a loving and safe space. It was a win-win!


All of us have varying degrees of trauma that live on in our unconscious, and it often shows up as pain or illness in the physical body. I also knew prior to all this that I tended to somatize stuff in my body, and as I worked this new process with the support of the Holy Fire Reiki™, some of these long-term chronic pains started to disappear or ease up considerably. This was just another message from my ‘girls’ trying to communicate with me – in the physical body.


And with Holy Fire Reiki™, I didn’t even judge myself for letting it have to get to this last bastion, the body, because I came to understand that some of the trauma I carried ran so deep and was so terrifying that it had to come to this point for me to want to heal it! Those reading this who have experienced intense womb and birth, or other early-years trauma, will understand that being unsafe in early, primal environments can create deep scars for life unless brought to consciousness for healing. It had created deep imprints of unworthiness and even unconscious self-hatred that had dogged me for decades…until I could bring it to the light for healing with Holy Fire Reiki™ and someone who could walk the road with me.


It is 2024, and I have now walked many students through the Holy Fire Advanced/Master Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna™ Reiki experiences, and seen the incredible shifts and changes that come in their lives as a result of the frequency. I am a total believer! If you are attuned to Level Two Reiki and wish to open to deep healing and beautiful, empowering changes in your life, then this class is for you. I look forward to seeing how you blossom and flourish as a result!



Stella xx













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Stella, Thank you for openly sharing your heart with us. You've seen your own progress and can describe the way your guides and your practices helped you. I love that you can trace back the unfolding of healing with pre- and post- Reiki and how Reiki held you in a safe space during your healing. Your pain is so relatable and your sharing of Reiki training and yourself is generous. You are love.

Love Ro

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