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What is Reiki?


Our physical body exists as a field of energy and in our busy, stressful lifestyles and environments, the optimum vibration for health is often challenged or distorted. Over time this often leads to illness, physical pain, emotional imbalance or a general feeling of lethargy and lack of zest for life. 


Reiki is a form of energy healing shared by the laying on of hands. Usui Sensai in Japan was one of the first founders of Reiki in our lifetime, having been initiated on Mount Kurama in the early 1920s. 


Reiki reduces stress, induces deep relaxation and promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. It can be defined as ‘universally guided life-force energy’ and  helps to support the body’s system to grow towards health and healing by raising the vibration of the recipient in a gentle, non-invasive but powerful way. Reiki also relieves pain, speeds up the healing of illness and creates a clarity and deep peace of mind and heart.


Transformational times call for transformational energies.

In 2014 I became a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, having worked with traditional Usui Reiki effectively for many years. This combined upgrade to Holy Fire Reiki and the Karuna systems of Reiki created a profound and positive shift in my own personal healing journey and the potency of the Reiki I now share with clients and students.


Since Reiki energy is a divinely guided energy that changes with the needs of our times, Holy Fire Reiki is a recent and more finely attuned form of Reiki, that upgrades and shifts with the need of our times. After a trip to Japan in 2023 to visit Mount Kurama where Usui Sensai was initiated into Reiki, I received the Holy Fire (iii) Karuna World Peace Reiki Ignitions and teachings. This system infuses a more powerful, divinely loving vibration into the Reiki that is channeled, both in classes and in sessions. I feel truly blessed to be working with this energy.. For more information on Holy Fire (iii) World Peace Reiki please click here.


I look forward to you experiencing the loving, healing, safe and powerful frequency of Holy Fire Reiki too, to support your health, healing and life. I offer individual Reiki treatments, as well as regular Reiki Classes in the community and on Zoom.

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