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Shamanic Practice


Shamanic Journeying is a powerful way to connect to the benevolent and wise energies of the natural world, who can offer us direct revelatory spiritual guidance, healing and support.

As humans, we may have consciousness, but we are the infants, the toddlers, of the planet, and Mother Earth and all her Children (plants, animals, birds, the elements, bugs, fish etc.) have so much to teach us, if we can find ways to connect and listen. We are part of a complex web of life that needs our respect, understanding, and now protection, if any of that life is to survive into the future. Shamanic Journeying offers us opportunity for both personal and planetary healing, by tapping into this innate wisdom, creating a better world for all life on Earth.


A combination of Shamanic Drum Journeying  to connect  with a Power Animal for support and guidance, combined with a 30 minute Reiki Treatment for integration. 




Single session- $175

Package of 3 sessions - $495 ($165 per session)

Package of 6 sessions - $900 ($150 per session)


In-Person or on Zoom, a chance to gather with Tribe to experience a Shamanic Drum Journey with a particular Animal or Plant Totem for healing, guidance, wisdom and support.

Each event includes an opening ceremony; meditation/intention setting with an herbal infusion (non-psychoactive) to support the Journey; guided Shamanic Drum Journey; reflection and integration time.

In-Person - $40

On Zoom - $30


If you are celebrating a milestone event, such as an anniversary or special birthday, or are looking for a different way to create a team building event for your work colleagues?, then talk to me about creating a custom shamanic event or ceremony which makes a special day really unique, meaningful and memorable for the people you care about most. 


Weave blessings for a loved one onto a Prayer Stick to make a unique gift; or create a Blessing Tree with your team or family; receive a heart-opening Cacao Ceremony and complete with a relaxing sound bath. If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact me directly on 818 665 9840 or sign up for my e-mail, specifying your area of interest. 


Rates vary and are negotiable depending on locality, time, type of event etc.


Please contact me for details – 818 665 9840.

“The divine communicates to us primarily through the natural world. Not to hear the natural world is not to hear the divine.”

Thomas Berry

"Stella's Shamanic Journeys are a deeply therapeutic,
transformational experience"

- A. Davis
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