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Voice Work


The human voice is one of our most powerful tools for expression. It shapes and defines us; develops our relationships; expresses our creative longings; and gives us the potential to step into our personal power and shine in the world we inhabit.  As babies and young children we felt the freedom of making sound in an uninhibited way, singing, sounding and speaking, but often learning over time to close this free expression down in order to 'fit in'. This can be a huge loss and can affect our lives in many ways. Maybe you were told to 'just mouth it ' in the choir, or one of your siblings was 'the creative one' or 'the singer',  creating feelings of shame or inadequacy. Maybe you use your voice a lot for work and it keeps getting strained or sore. Or maybe you just have a longing to sing or express more powerfully in this way but have never felt ‘good’ enough. These stories are very common, and many people have a secret desire or wish to be able to sing or to express themselves freely in groups or in public speaking situations.

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying who hears or what they think”.  Rumi

Each session includes natural voice and body warm-ups; techniques to open up the energy body and voice/tone the chakras for home practice; space for discovery of the natural/authentic voice by ‘singing the soul’, supported with harmonium and drum.


A minimum of 3 sessions or more are recommended for maximum benefit:-



Single Session - $145

Series of 3 sessions - $390 ($130 per session)

Series of 6 sessions - $740 ($123 per session)

"Stella showed me how to access my authentic voice and how to express it freely. I recommend her sessions to anyone who is feeling stuck or wants to experience vocal and creative expansion. She is one of a kind!"
- D. Brickell
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