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Sound Healing


We are, in essence, vibration, but our modern, stressful lives can sometimes create density in our energy fields, leading to illness, depression, anxiety or fatigue. 


The healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, gong, vocal tones, chants, chimes, native drum and flutes are among the range of sound tools I use to create a space of deep healing and regeneration. These ancient and modern sound instruments shift energy on all levels of being- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We get to deeply rest, receive and allow the vibrations to gently restore and recalibrate our energy bodies so that the physical body can find optimal self-healing and the mind can quieten.

I share regular sound healing events locally at my home studio in Oak Park CA, and at Westlake Yoga Co. ( and on Zoom. I also often combine Sound with Ceremony for private occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or for business team building events. Call or e-mail me to create a special custom session for loved ones, and register for my mailing list to find out more about local sound events.

Please contact me on 818 665 9840

“In sound we are born, in sound we are healed” 
Mehtab Benton (Gong Master)
"A profoundly peaceful and rejuvenating journey that left me feeling completely relaxed and in tune with my inner self"
- F. Clark
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