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Swimming with Dolphins!!

This was definitely one of my bucket list things to do - swim with wild dolphins!

At age 50 I decided it was time....

A google search quickly showed up WildQuest- -, but what I didn't know was that this is one of the leading companies in the world to share this experience! The WildQuest team are a dedicated team of people who for 20 years have been safely and respectfully leading groups to swim with wild dolphins.

The experience with them? Beyond my wildest dreams.....!!

First of all, connecting with creatures of such grace and beauty in their own natural habitat cannot be under-estimated. For me and my husband Bill, it touched our hearts in ways that I can hardly begin to explain. Looking into the eye of a dolphin as it swims beside you, or being thoroughly immersed in the sound of their language underwater- all those clicks and squeaks as they communicate to each other! Being that close and witnessing their grace and beauty as they effortlessly move through the water. It is breathtaking, awesome and magical.....They WANTED to be in engagement with us, and that was palpable.

So picture this......a cosy retreat center right on a private quayside; a shaded catamaran with comfy mattresses to recline on as you sail out on calm, azure blue seas; being (safely) supported in the warm waters by the Wildquest Team as you get to swim/snorkel just a few feet away (and sometimes closer) to wild dolphins; and then doing this multiple times a day for 5 days!!

After dolphin play time, we then spent time resting on the beach nearby, practicing yoga, meditation, eating delicious meals, and having fun with our very own human pod!

It was a huge peak vacation experience for me and my husband, and I loved it so much I decided to ask my friend Renee Green to co-lead a retreat together in 2025!!

In 'Yoga, Sound & the Dolphins' ( we will be practicing gentle yoga (everything optional by the way) for sure, but Renee and I also feel the call to enter into the powerful healing sound world of the dolphins.

So in this retreat we will be exploring some awesome and super easy-to -learn tools to create healing, wisdom and empowerment with our own voices - the magic of our own authentic, healing voice is only a breath away!

Drawing on the healing power of shamanic drumming, we will embark on a journey with Dolphin to engage with their unique 'medicine' of playfulness, harmony, joy, peace and cooperation, and receive experiential wisdom on how to translate that into our daily lives.

As a pod, we'll also be exploring the Ocean of Holy Love - an experience of Holy Fire Reiki that shares individualized healing in powerful yet gentle ways, creating deep inner peace and restoration that is honestly beyond words (like being bathed in a cloud of LOVE is close).

So if this is one of your bucket list things, or you feel the call to just pamper yourself in unique and special ways, or go on an exciting adventure with like-minded souls, do join us!

We are offering an Earlybird Special this summer, so don't miss the boat!! Click the link below to find out more or call me for a chat....818 665 9840.

Dolphin Blessings of Love,

Stella xxx

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