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Stella Davies

Healing and Expressive Arts

About Stella Davies

We are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness on our planet, and as such it is a great blessing to be alive and present as part of this transformation, with all its challenges and mysteries as this time unfolds.


Stella has always been passionate about healing and expressive arts, and through her connection and training with Chloe Goodchild in 2000, Stella continued her early career in dramatherapy by teaching natural voicework in the UK, Greece and Croatia, and for the past 13 years in the US. From this blossomed a passionate relationship with Bhakti Yoga (devotional) and Nada Yoga (sound) through which her skill as a kirtan leader and sound healer began. She began teaching Hatha Yoga in 2014.  In 2005 she discovered Reiki, trained as an Usui teacher in 2011 and then as an Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master in 2014. She regularly upgrades her connection to Holy Fire Reiki and is excited by the continued expansions it brings.  More recently, following an interest in ritual and ceremony, connection to the natural world and how we are lacking this richness in our culture in meaningful ways, Stella began training as a Shamanic Practitioner. This Earth-honoring approach to healing is a perfect balance to Holy Fire Reiki and Sound, and is opening up many new doors of healing potential which Stella now shares in Shamanic Journeys and Ceremonies.

The combination of all these practices is a powerful alchemy of healing and expressive arts. Stella creates a safe, creative and potent crucible in which people can discover themselves, heal and manifest lives more aligned with their truest, highest natures. A path in which the soul can heal, blossom and open to its highest destiny, finding levels of peace, joy, harmony and balance both within and without.


                                              "Let the beauty you love be what you do"




 Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Attunements

A Reiki attunement can be done in a workshop setting or one-to-one. Anyone can be attuned to Reiki and receive the life transformational benefits of being a channel of Reiki.

Each level of attunement offers a deeper healing of mind, body and spirit, as aspects of ourselves that no longer serve fall away and are replaced with a deep commitment to spiritual growth, health and healing, however that manifests in grace for the individual.  You do not have to have aspirations to be a ‘healer’ to attune to Reiki, as the energy will gently guide and support your life whatever your occupation or calling. Usui/Holy Fire Reiki attunement classes share the traditional Japanese style of Reiki and its techniques, but with the additional benefit of the Holy Fire energy. Since Reiki energy is a divinely guided energy that shifts with the needs of our times, Holy Fire Reiki is a recent and more finely attuned form of Reiki energy, that infuses a more powerful, more divinely loving and healing vibration into treatments and attunements. For more information on Holy Fire Reiki please click here.


Reiki One Attunement

In this training you will learn about and become attuned to the healing, guiding and loving energy of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki. Reiki means 'Universally or Spiritually Guided Life Force', and is a deeply healing energy used by people all over the world for easing physical symptoms; boosting the immune system;  balancing the emotions and creating more clarity  and a sense of peace  in one's life. It does this by clearing the energetic pathways of the energy bodies to release blockages that lead to illness/dis-ease. Reiki gently guides us to create more harmony, peace, balance and good self care in our lives, so that we can be more available to ourselves and to others, creating a life more in alignment with our heart's desires.   The training allows us to share Reiki with ourselves, friends and family and includes certification, a Reiki Manual from the International Association for Reiki Training, vegetarian lunch, refreshments and hands-on training.

One day Training


Reiki Two Attunement

For those of you attuned to Reiki One, this is an opportunity to deepen your experience as a channel of Reiki, develop your skills and also receive the bliss and gentle wisdom of the Holy Fire frequency through the Holy Love meditations. In this training you will receive three symbols which can be used for empowerment; for space clearing; for supporting one's energy body; to balance the mental/emotional bodies; and for sending distant healing across time and space. You will also learn how to deepen your understanding/practice of using Reiki for both yourself and clients. The day includes Certification; Reiki Manual from the International Center for Reiki Training; a distant Reiki bear; vegetarian lunch and refreshments; and hands-on training.

One Day Training 


Reiki One and Reiki Two Combined

Reiki One and Two attunements can also be taken as a two-day training together.

Two Day Training 


Usui/Holy Fire (3) Advanced*/Master Training

If you have been working with the healing energy of Reiki for more than 6 months after receiving Reiki Level Two, then this is a natural next step.


The wider we open ourselves up as channels to Reiki,  the deeper we connect to the truth of our Selves and the more aligned we become with our service work on the planet. Advanced/Master  Reiki Training allows for a rich connection of working with Reiki in new ways, including using Reiki Crystal Grids as 24/7 Remote Healing Tools, the Reiki Moving Meditation and an opening to the Usui Master Symbol and its potent energy for transformation. 


This training also includes new healing tools through the Holy Love Experiences, and deeper openings to the direct revelatory information we may now be working with at this level. We also receive the Holy Fire Symbol itself, which is placed into the energy field and works to continually heal and guide us, raising our own frequency and awareness of our soul’s highest calling this lifetime. In this training as Holy Fire (3) Reiki Masters, we are also introduced to the empowering ability to pass Placements (Reiki Attunements) to others. This is a great gift and a blessing at a time when the Planet is calling for deep healing of her children – learn how to share Reiki with your friends, family and wider community, so that they can use the healing and loving energy of Holy Fire Reiki for themselves! See below for more information about the Holy Fire (3) Master Training.


The three day training includes Advanced and Master Level Placements/Ignitions; Reiki certification from the International Center for Reiki Training; Manual; Theory & Practice Refreshments/Lunch; and a Master Quartz Crystal and Grid.


*Formerly known as Reiki Master Practitioner


Usui/Holy Fire (3) Master Training


If you have already received your Advanced* Reiki Level, then dive into your Holy Fire (3) Master Training and receive the Holy Fire Master Symbol.


In this Training and beyond, the energetic body is infused with unconditional love and divine revelation through the wisdom of the Holy Fire. Patterns of behavior stemming from old core wounds that we may have been working with for years are gently raised to the surface and healed over time. The energetic body is infused with unconditional love and we feel a sense of peace and safety even during trying times, and that we are being supported and guided continually.

We receive the ability to use and share the Holy Love Experiences  (powerful 20 minute healings for groups or individuals); and learn how to pass Placements and Ignitions of Holy Fire Reiki from Level One all the way up to Master Level. In this way you can share the energy of Holy Fire Reiki with friends, family or the wider community, and teach them how to use it for themselves. At Master Level, open up to the wisdom and compassion of the Brothers & Sisters of Light, here to support humanity to unite and heal on all levels of being. In this training, learn also how to perform spirit releases from people and places; and open up to Holy Fire Reiki guidance for your own life, health and healing, deepening your compassion and wisdom for all life on the planet, including yourself!


This is a compassionate, rich and rewarding path, and much deep healing and transformation can be expected for the soul who opens up to this Level. It is a positive but powerful life changing experience.


The three day training includes 4 Master Level Ignitions; Reiki certification from the International Center for Reiki Training; Theory & Practice; Manual; Refreshments & Lunch


Post-training support is available for all students and for those who wish to teach in public settings – Reiki really wants us to share this energy widely in the world for peace and healing, and the Holy Fire has come at a time when humanity and the planet are most in need - come and light other soul's Reiki lights as part of your blessed contribution.


*Formerly known as Reiki Master Practitioner



Holy Fire (3)/Karuna Reiki


Karuna Reiki is a powerful and deeply transformative vibration of Reiki which supports healing on a very deep level of being. Karuna means "compassionate action" in Sanskrit. In Karuna Reiki we are gifted an additional 8 Reiki Symbols with very specific purposes for healing deep, often unconscious wounds in the psyche, which supports healing on all levels of being. The symbols can also be chanted or toned as part of a treatment, introducing a powerful element of sound. In Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki you are also ignited into the Holy Fire Energy as you would at Reiki Master Level. It is recommended to be working as a Reiki Master for at least 6 months to a year before attuning to this level. For more information on Karuna Reiki click here.

Three Day Training


Holy Fire Reiki
“Stella brings a beautiful healing energy and I am so blessed to be working with her.”

Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki


Our physical body exists as a field of energy and in our busy, stressful lifestyles and environments, the optimum vibration for health is often challenged or distorted. Over time this often leads to illness, physical pain, emotional imbalance or a general feeling of lethargy and lack of zest for life. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing shared by the laying on of hands. It reduces stress, induces deep relaxation and promotes healing of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Reiki can be defined as ‘universally guided life-force energy.’ It helps to support the body’s system to grow towards health and healing by raising the vibration of the recipient in a gentle, non-invasive but powerful way. Reiki also relieves aches and pains, speeds up the healing of illness and creates a clarity and deep peace of mind and heart.


As a Reiki Master Teacher with the International Association for Reiki TrainingStella offers individual Reiki treatments for healing, as well as Reiki attunements. In a Reiki attunement, the receiver is attuned to the healing and re-vitalizing force of Reiki and can then give Reiki to themselves  and others – friends, family, clients, pets, places in the world etc.  Once attuned Reiki is with you for life. Please see below for more about attuning to Reiki. To find out more about the energy of Holy Fire Reiki please click here. 


I also offer Reiki space and home clearing for negative energy or spirits. Contact me for more details. Cost is $150

Voice Work


About Stella's Yoga Classes


Classes offer a deeply centering practice, allowing the body to gently open, relax and rejuvenate itself,

creating new possibilities of awareness and healing on all levels of being. Great for stress and anxiety

reduction, to help improve breathing and to reduce muscular tension. Classes are open to everyone,

including seniors or those nursing injuries or recovering from illness. Options for different levels are given

as part of instruction.

Open to beginners and all ages welcome. Currently all classes take place on Zoom due to COVID 19, at

until the end of 2020. Call Stella for updates on 818 665 9840.


Gentle/Restorative Yoga on Zoom

Friday Mornings 10:00-11:15 am

Register at


 Yoga for Self Care on Zoom

Tuesday Mornings 10-11.15am

Register at



 “Stella combines a perfect blend of gentle, restorative and fire building poses that make for a well-rounded practice. She’s attentive and supportive which makes this a great class for any skill level. At the end of class she graces the room with the healing tones of her harmonium and voice in sivasana relaxation. The class never fails to send me off feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated, and deeply nourished. It’s a magical way to end the week. N  Mejia


“Stella’s yoga classes are the best! It’s the only yoga class I’ve done where I haven’t injured myself by trying to keep up and I feel complete permission to go at my own pace. I feel refreshed, relaxed, open and grounded after one of her classes.”  E Alghani

SD and harmonium for site.jpg

Voice Work

Heart of Voice Sessions


   The human voice is one of our most powerful tools for expression. It shapes and defines us; develops our relationships; expresses our creative longings; and gives us the potential to step into our personal power and shine in the world we inhabit.  As babies and young children we felt the freedom of making sound in an uninhibited way, singing, sounding and speaking, but often learning over time to close this free expression down in order to 'fit in'. This can be a huge loss and can affect our lives in many ways. Maybe we were told to 'just mouth it ' in the choir, or one of our siblings was 'the creative one' or 'the singer',  creating feelings of shame or inadequacy. Or maybe we  just have a  longing to sing or express in this way but have never felt ‘good’ enough. These stories are very common, and many people have a secret desire or wish to be able to sing or to express themselves freely in groups or in public speaking situations.


Stella’s  natural voice sessions are a safe and supportive space to recover or discover for the first time the wisdom, power and authenticity of the singing and spoken voice.


In a relaxed, creative and sacred space, she uses her many years experience as a Naked Voice Instructor, Creative Arts Therapist and Reiki/Sound Healer, to help people reclaim  this natural gift.  Sharing techniques from both ancient and modern traditions of vocal training and healing,   Stella's intention is to support individuals to:-


“Let go of the emotional and physical blocks which create inhibition, moving into new territories of vocal freedom, creativity and self-esteem.“


Stella works with professional singers and actors, but also sees many students on an individual basis who just wish to improve their singing or use their voice in a more powerful and resonant way. Many people use their voices a great deal in their work (e.g. teachers) without knowing how to use their voice correctly. This can lead to vocal problems such as recurrent sore or hoarse throats or vocal nodes.  Stella easily and effectively helps students use proper techniques for voice control and develop confidence in the voice again, whilst uncovering the amazing wisdom, power and strength of the ‘naked’ or natural voice and the emotional freedom inherent in that.


Stella recommends  a minimum of (3) three sessions to learn the introductory aspects of The Heart of Voice which can be then incorporated into a home practice.  She recommends that the first three sessions be received weekly or bi-weekly for best results. Each session is around 75 minutes in length.

"Working with Stella has been one of the best gifts I have ever given myself." ~D B 


 "I am more confident and pleased with my singing and vocal expression..." ~T. Jabbour 

"Stella showed me how to access my authentic voice and how to express it freely. I recommend her sessions to anyone who is feeling stuck or wants to experience vocal and creative expansion. She is one of a kind!" ~D.  Brickell  


"Stella's healing work through sound has helped me open up to know myself in new and deeper ways. She holds a sacred, peaceful, and nurturing space which allows my inner and outer child to feel safe and free to play! " K. Kennedy


Stella & drum & bowls (1).jpg

Kirtan & Chant Events


Kirtan Chants with Stella are a safe and supportive space to encourage people to experience the stillness of mind, heart connection and joy which emerge from singing together in spiritual community. A Kirtan Chant is open to everyone, whether you feel you are a ‘singer’ or not. Chanting repetitive mantras creates a single-pointed focus for the mind, stilling its normal ‘busy-ness’, and creating a meditative or blissful state.


Kirtan is an important aspect of devotional or 'Bhakti' Yoga. It is not a religion, and Stella shares chants and mantras from many different spiritual traditions in the spirit of Oneness, which is the essence of Bhakti Yoga. Chanting is about following the path of the heart through vibration. Singing these words of spirit and love help us to connect to the deeper wisdom of ourselves, each other and the wider world. It is also a great way to free the voice, reduce stress and anxiety. There is often a feeling of being energized and relaxed simultaneously afterwards.


Stella offers a regular chant with social time to gather and share food together at her home in Oak Park . She also plays in and around Los Angeles and Ventura County with her musical partner Jack Lee, often joined by other musicians companions. Please sign up on Stella’s e-flyer for regular events or contact her directly for details.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Events

We are made of vibration, but our modern, stressful lives can sometimes create density in our energy fields, leading to illness, depression, anxiety and deep exhaustion. The healing vibrations of Himalayan Bowls, Gong, Vocal Overtones, Chimes, Native drum and flute, Rainsticks and sacred chants create deep healing on all levels of being- physical, emotional and mental. We get to deeply rest, receive and allow the vibrations to gently restore and recalibrate our energy bodies so that the physical body can find optimal self healing. Stella offers Sound Healing locally and is also available for private events. Please contact her for more details and rates.

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Shamanic Events


Often in our lives today we feel out of balance in ourselves and out of connection with the natural world. In Shamanic Drum Journeying we have a unique opportunity to connect with the spirit guidance of nature through animal totems, who have special wisdom and healing to share with us. Each month we dive into a deep meditation with the drum and allow our own unique journey to unfold, asking questions of these healing energies, or setting intentions in the journey to help support us in our daily lives, to bring deep healing and connect us to our own inner wisdom. Bring a blanket, cushion and journal.


Stella also offers special ceremonies for blessings, weddings, and other life transforming occasions. Please contact her for details.

Stella's Music

Amba Feminine Embodiment Practice

Amba Feminine Embodiment practice is a space to take a deep and nourishing dive into your own amazing, wise, creative embodied self as a woman.
Through luscious movement forms, healing and empowering breathwork, free movement and an extended deep nourishment guided relaxation, come and open yourself up to the wisdom of your own body in a safe and supported group of women.

You are Sacred, Wild and Loved.

Contact Stella for details.

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Stella's Music

Listen to Stella's music on Amazon, Apple Music, Pandora,
Spotify, Deezer and iTunes by clicking here.

Each CD is $ S&H. Or two or more for $15. apiece plus S&H.Please contact Stella to purchase.

Gaia small cover for site.jpg

Gaia- Chants to the Divine Feminine

Stella's latest release is a sumptuous soundscape honoring the Divine Goddess in all her many forms. Stella's heart-opening vocals are enhanced by guitars, pianos and hand percussion and is produced by Stella’s multi-talented musical partner and friend, Jack Lee, who accompanies her live chant events.

 Soul Lines
takes five powerful mantras for manifestation, healing and balance and weaves them into meditative, rhythmic journeys that are great for relaxation or back-ground to your yoga practice.                                        

In the Presence

is a sacred musical montage of kirtan, chants and hymns from different traditions around the world. Featuring the passionate and powerful voice of Stella Davies and the soundscapes of talented multi-instrumentalist Jack Lee.

Live at the The Integratron

The Integratron in Landers CA has been described as "an acoustically perfect" space. Built in the 50s as a lure for ETs, Jack Lee and Stella Davies have recorded a gorgeous ambient CD with vocals, hammered dulcimer and modal slide guitar.

The Love You Are

The Love You Are is an album of uplifting song-vignettes from bluesy, sensual love songs to harmonic Celtic musical poems and joyful world sounds that create a unique journey of celebration and inspiration for the listener.

Contact Stella Davies


Cell: (818) 665-9840

Office: (818) 879-9827


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